May 4, 2018

Download Nox for Mac

Nox for Mac is free to use for running android apps on your Apple Mac. Download Nox for Mac now and you won’t be needing an Android Device.

nox app player

The Nox App player is a brand new product on the market that is causing a lot of buzz. Nox is essentially an android emulator that lets you run android apps through your PC-whether they are run on IOS, Windows or Linux.  

The Nox app player for mac essentially offers full access to the entire android ecosystem right from your PC and Mac Computers. You literally can access any android app through this emulator, which is bound to give the other emulators in the market a serious run for their money.

Download Nox for Mac 



Installing Nox on your Mac

At present there are two installation processes available for Nox for Mac. One procedure is online while the other is offline.

Step 1: Launch a web browser on your mac computer. There is no specification on the kind of browser you are using but the default Safari also works fine.

Step 2: Run this link through your browser on your mac computer and download the Nox Player 6 mac file.

Step 3: Pick the memory location where you want to save the .dmg file.

Step 4: Find the folder where the file has been downloaded.

Step 5: Once you find the installer, click on the .dmg file and initiate its installation.

Step 6: Follow instructions given in the installer to complete the process.

This is essentially how you can install the nox app player for mac laptop or desktop computers. If you have a good internet connection it will not take more than a few minutes for the whole
application to get installed on your computer.

If you choose to download it online, you will get the file which initiates the installation process and as for the rest- they will be downloaded over the internet. Before you choose this option, remember to check if you have the following facilities:1. A small installer file that you have to save on your computer. This will be connecting you to their server.

2. A steady internet connection. If you have any disturbances in the network during the installation process, you will have to start from scratch.



To use this process, you need to download all the files that need to be installed to be downloaded on your computer. Once all the files are downloaded you can install the player
onto your computer without being connected to the internet at all.

The following steps are to download the emulator using the online method. The offline method is not officially sanctioned yet, and is not as safe as running the whole installation from the
developer’s website. Following are the most effective steps for downloading the Nox App Player for Mac which you can follow to be able to run all android apps on your mac computer in no time.

Features: Nox for Mac

Nox is a lightweight and easy to use emulator that comes recommended for anyone looking to run android apps on their mac computers. The nox android emulator is gaining in popularity despite the presence of pretty big players like bluestacks in the market. This is actually happening faster than we had imagined and it goes without saying that Nox App Player for Mac has definitely made its mark. Now that you have managed to install the app player on your computer, how do you plan to run it?

  • Once the player is installed, it actually is ready to be used to download android apps.
  • First time you run Nox however, you will be required to sign in with your google Id- just like you would have to while using a new android device.
  • Then you need to create yourself a new ID for Nox, unless you already have a nox account in which case all you need to do is log in.
  • To download the apps available on google play, you need to click the search icon and type the name of the app you were looking for.

IF by anychance you are looking for an app that is not available on the store- all third party apps are available as apks on a number of websites. You can just open your browser and download them like you would from your android phone.