Nox Pokemon Go | Play on PC without Bluestacks

Nox Pokemon Go gaming without using Bluestacks. Play Pokemon Go on your PC using Nox App Player Android Emulator.

There is a really easy way to play pokemon go on your PC without having to download Bluestacks and going through the complicated process that comes with it. You need to install a new android emulator for it, its relatively easy and will not take more than ten minutes.

nox for mac


While Bluestacks is a pretty good option for playing pokemon go, rooting bluestacks is actually a really complicated process. To solve this problem, guys at BigNox came up with an android emulator called Nox App Player. Nox is an android emulator but unlike bluestacks, downloading it is fairly simple and it also has some extra cool features. For example, rooting Nox App takes as much as one minute and you can fake your GPS location without an extra app. Features like this sort of makes Nox the most ideal android emulator for pokemon go.

How to Play Pokemon Go on PC using Nox App Player

Step one is to navigate to Download the apk suited for your PC.

You will need the APK file for Pokemon Go.

Install Nox App player using the installer: Nox for PC, Nox for Mac.

When the Nox app player is up and running, we need to gain Root access. All you do for root is click on the little gear icon and under General, turn root ON and Save Changes.

If Nox App Player asks you to restart, Click Restart now and this will restart Nox.

After the restart is done, Nox will be rooted and the installation of Pokemon GO can be proceeded with.

After Pokemon go starts for the very first time you’re going to see GPS signal not found. Close and restsart pokemon GO again

On the side panel, you will see this little icon it looks like a little GPS pin. Click on it and it’ll open a Window. Find a location with other players and pokemon. Once you click on ok it will fake your location there.

When Pokemon Go asks for a google account, its advisable that you give a new one just in case your account gets banned.

Improve Performance:
The best way to get better performance out of this is to go to Our Settings > Advanced and set the Performance settings to High. It’ll give you 2 CPU cores and your RAM at 2 GB. Click Save Changes you can Restart now. On Low, you will have more lags than in this setting.

How to catch Pokemon?

When you will try to turn and catch Pokemon you can move around using your W, A, S, D keys. While this is a very slow movement, it simulates walking. If the pokemon escapes everytime, just restart the app player because you might have either been banned for an hour or it could be server issues.

When you click on a Pokemon you want to catch, turn your AR off and go catch some Pokemon.

Playing this is actually a lot easier than on Bluestacks. First of all it is just two applications that you need to download. Also because of the simulated walking experience, the possibilities of the server banning you are lower.

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