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Nox for Linux is free to download to run android apps on your Linux OS. Get Nox App Player and enjoy the benefits of the best Android Emulator.

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Linux is an open source platform that acts as an operating system. It is accessable from the internet. The Linux OS is used mainly for open source code development by programmers. Android essentially is a mobile operating system backed google. It happens to be the most widely used mobile OS in the world. There are a lot of applications that are exclusively developed in the android OS. These apps, no matter how useful are all restricted to the android platform for its use. You cannot run them on linux even if you wanted to.

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There is a profusion of apps and games that we can use on our android phones. Infact the number of applications developed for android devices keep increasing exponentially and are almost always unique. While running these apps are really useful, sometimes running them on our phone becomes rather cumbersome. If we could run them on our PCs we will be able to experience better screen size on one hand, and get a host of other benefits. On the other hand, there is so much we can do because of apps which we cannot on our PCs because desktop versions of those apps don’t exist. Ideally, this is impossible- till a certain software called an emulator was developed.

An android emulator is a software application which acts as a virtual platform superimposed on the running devices. This emulation effectively allows your non-android device get all the functionalities of an android device.

Nox Player is one of the best android emulator there is. Despite being relatively new, they are tough competitions to traditional emulators on the market like blustacks, and comes armed with a host of secondary features like multiple screens- found nowhere else.

Nox App Player on Linux Download

nox for linux

If you want to use Nox Player on your Linux Device, you just need to follow some very simple steps:

  • Download the nox player from the official nox download page.
  • When you attempt to download you will see there are two options for installing NOX, one online and one offline.
  • The online installer requires a steady internet connection. It will download the basic installation package but will connect to the internet everytime the app starts.
  • The offline version is a little heavy because it contains all the contents required for the running of the app locally. You can run this version without any internet connection.
  • Click on the download link on the nox player page and use it to install it on the operating system.
  • Aftet you have installed the application, you can start it and run the emulator.
  • Once you finish installing the Nox App Player, you need to use a pre-existing google account to log in, or create a new one. After the installation is successfully completed we can launch the Nox App Player.
  • Once inside the emulator, you can run whichever desired android application you want for as long as you want on the virtual android platform without a hitch.

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